Working as an Outsource Consultant

I have been working on hatching up a new plan to mix things up a little bit… I have been considering using my talents that I have gained as a software engineer and computer programmer to be a freelance worker, doing the self-employed thing and simply working for myself for a while. Not everybody knows that I have the requisite skills to do that, but at one time I was a promising software engineer, I just didn’t want to devote my life to the mundane office culture that such a lifestyle would most likely lead to. So, I’ve obviously branched out and done other things, and it had a pretty good time doing it. But now, I’m at this point where I have been wondering about how I could create a little more disposable income, and I wouldn’t mind putting my old skills back to use. Mostly, I’ve been encouraged by the amount of IT outsourcing that is occurring in today’s modern economy. It seems like everybody is using Outsourcing, and that the people on the receiving end are sometimes able to work with a lot of freedom, AZ there is no typical client the people that people are working with. I think that’s very exciting, so I am going to do it, the question is just: when? I’ve been thinking that I should probably take some kind of course to brush up my skills, I don’t think that would be a bad idea at all. So, I should look into one. Does anybody have any tips or leads in this type of endeavor? As always, I appreciate the feedback if you have any experience or insight to share. Wish me luck on this new Journey, as I have high hopes and think that it is going to turn out very well. That’s what I’m thinking.