What should I do on a golf course?

What should I do on a golf course?

If you are not the most experienced golfer on a Burnaby golf course, you might be a little bit confused about the game and its etiquette. The etiquette of the game is different from the rules of play. It is basically how you handle the game, your fellow golfers, how you react to their actions and how they react to yours.  These tips and advices are more of a guide to the things that are considered desirable on a golf course and a reminder to refrain from behaviors and actions that are considered offensive. Golf is all about respect and the love of the game. So in this article we will highlight the most important tips and rules to follow on a golf course:

What should I do on a golf course?


  1. Check the scorecard of the course:

You might find extra information about the course at the back of the card.


  1. Mark your ball:

This will help you distinguish it from other balls. Inform the other players of your mark.


  1. Walk at reasonable speeds between shots:

You don’t want to drag or slow another group behind you.


  1. Plan your next shot as you walk towards the ball:

Don’t wait until you reach the ball to think. This will save time.


  1. Be fast:

The time between choosing your club and actually swinging your ball should take about 30 seconds.


  1. Maintain the course as you play:

Don’t step away from the course.


  1. Repair rough divots:

Always put the grass you took out back into the hole. You can use the tip of your shoes to make the hole as neat as possible.


  1. Repair the bunker:

Enter the bunker from the lowest side at the point nearest to your ball.


  1. Repair the green:

Repair any pitch marks caused by the ball hitting the green. Remember to smooth the area with your foot or club.


  1. Stay away from other players’ putting line:

That is an imaginary line connecting their ball to the hole. You should stay away from this line.

  1. Stay away from other players:

 Don’t disturb other players during preparation. Stay quiet and out of their way.


  1. Shake hands with the other players:

Remember that this is just a game and nobody likes a poor sport.


So next time you are on a Burnaby golf course, remember to follow these tips and enjoy your game.