The Red Carpet For Insta360 Nano

The world is proceeding towards the great improvement in the science and technology sector. The new Insta360 Nano is one of the greatest miracles of today’s science. Whether you are in the office environment, or taking meal in 5 star hotels, having a talky night stay with friends or enjoying the fantabulous party, you can now take your fascinating selfies or make creative 360 videos with Insta360 Nano.

Experience The Extraordinary Glimpse

The small device of 11cm x 3.3cm x 2.1 cm is very handy and can be carried to any place as it only weights 70 grams. Insta360 Nano is only compatible with the I-phone smart phones. One of the greatest features in this device is that we can use up to 64GB Micro SD card in this device .It is very easy to install o the mobile phone and make the videos . Its 800mAH battery gives you creative 70 min shoot continuously. Moreover it is easy to transport your remarkable videos and images to the other phones or Laptop.

Impressive Built In Stitching Technology

There are many devices in which people need to covert the images or videos to the computer, laptop or separate utility but Insta360 Nano contains the built-in Stitching functions for videos and images. Due to this fact the sharing of the images or the videos becomes more easy and fun. This great device helps you to share your videos to social sites or even connect to the world via live streaming, showing the world the beautiful 360 views of your place.

Be A 360 Photographer

We are living in the world of technologies and no doubt there is a photographer inside us all. When we go through the social sights, we see a number of selfies or images uploaded. Insta360 Nano had advanced the view of the selfies and picture. Imagine of the place where you went and took a snap in which you can view the whole place in one click. This could be easily done with the high quality image producer Insta360 Nano. Visiting the new place is fun, but capturing the whole place and its beautiful sights in the eyes of Insta360 Nano and watching it after some time gives you the feeling as you are still at that place.

Insta360 Nano is no doubt a fantastic accessory to carry with you everywhere you goes to capture your dream places in the eyes of camera.