The Impact of Descriptions on App Store Rankings

               The Impact of Descriptions on App Store Rankings


If you want to boost the rank of your app has attained in the app store, getting a good description is key. Description is what would allow you to get to the very top of whatever rankings you are a part of, and yet a lot of people tend to skimp out on the description under the false assumption that, for some odd reason, they don’t matter all that much. There are a lot of ways in which descriptions can impact your app ranking, and these reasons are provided below.

Catches the Eye:-

A witty description is one of the best ways to improve the amount of people that would look at your app, and this can have a profound impact on your app store rankings. If you put effort into your description it would have a very positive impact on your app and would make it so that you have long term benefits that you would be able to reap. In addition to this, a good description can be eye catching to investors too, as they would be able to safely gauge what your product can offer them and why they should pick you.

Provides Details:-

One thing that a consumer wants more than anything else is details. Without details you can pretty much assume that your app is going to fail. A well made description can provide all of the details you are going to need in order to get your app going because it would tell consumers what they need to know and why they should download what you are offering, and the best thing is that it makes it easy for them thereby providing them with convenience which they would enjoy more than anything else.

Converts Views to Downloads:-

Views can be obtained from other sources as well, but the one thing that your descriptions would do in order to boost your app store rankings would be to convert your views into actual downloads. Downloads are what truly matter at the end of the day, without downloads you would not be able to get the benefits that you are looking for as you would just not earn any money. Hence, the best thing to do is to always write a description, thereby giving consumers and people that visit your app to actually put the effort into downloading it. Only this way you can increase your app store ranking.