SEO: relevance as a marketing strategy

About us

Vancouver SEO consultant offers his professional services for every type of business that is interested on incrementing their visibility in the list of results of the search engines used by the people to look up for information on the internet. This strategy has been proved to be a main factor on increasing the traffic on a business website, positively impacting the exposition of a growing business and maintaining an already established company.


About SEO

The Search Engine Optimization is a strategy used in online marketing to increase the relevance and exposition of a website when potential customers of the niche market to which the business belongs to use a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!, by positioning the link to the website high in the list of search results.


To do so, a proper identification of several factors is needed, such as the niche market to be targeted, statistics about current traffic, definition of the geographical target to be attacked, list of keywords and search terms, content administration of the website (text, page titles and subtitles, hyperlinks), among other details that make the business be more relevant for the scouting algorithms of the search engines.


Higher position, more visitors

Attracting potential customers is the key to every business. Aggressive marketing campaigns, competitive prices and special season sales are renowned strategies that do help to increase the revenue of a business, but in an era where everyone uses internet to satisfy their needs and look for the most comfortable and quickest way to acquire a product or a service, being the first in line to appear whenever a potential customer is considering the offers present in the market will assure a bigger impact on his perception, possibly leading to more sales. The equation is simple: more exposition means more potential visitors, which then turn into potential customers; the quickest one to offer the satisfaction that the client means is the one who ultimately closes the deal.


Professional guidance leads to professional results

SEO is not rocket science, but that does not mean that it is simple. A careful analysis of statistical data, HTML content, geographical distribution of the market, calculations of projections and expert selection of keywords according to each business do require a set of professional skills acquired with constant practice and feedback. Vancouver SEO consultant does gather this set to perform at his best, bringing the best possible result to each particular need.